Pacific Northwest, Seaside beach portraits | Sarah, my wife

On May 10th, I had the greatest pleasure of marrying my ever-love Sarah in Portland OR. and we spent a few days following on the coast at Cannon Beach and Seaside.
I love photographing my wife, I love having Sarah as my wife, I love LOVE 😀

Portrait of woman on beach
Desert portraits woman
Fun beach portrait
I so fell in love with this old tree on the beach and the storm rolling in 🙂

woman dramatic sky
And I LOVE that I can make my wife make this face 😉

fun woman portrait beach

I’m such a blessed man and can’t wait to travel many more places with my forever travel partner, my ever-love – Sarah

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Kings Chapel Community wedding | Teresa + Gregory teaser

Some little magical light from Teresa + Gregory’s Kings Chapel wedding day. Such a fun start to forever.

“This is My commandment, that you love one another, just as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends. You are My friends if you do what I command you.” John 15:12-14

Bride and groom sunset field.

Sunny couples portrait

And then this steamy portrait happened – Love this 🙂
pool bridal portrait sexy

I’ve really been trying to push myself to get more creative and focus more on different and unique ring photographs at my weddings, I’m very pleased with this one.
Wedding ring Nashville
The candid and relationship focused photos are what I enjoy the most, trying to get better at the photos that are more work than joy for me to take… like ring photos 🙂

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About my engagement ring… Loving each other well

Some of you may know, I got engaged to my ever-love on Good Friday.
I’m so excited, after telling all my clients’ love stories for years, to be working on my very own is much better than I could have ever imagined.

A few folks have noticed that I am wearing a ring already and asked if we already got married and why I’m wearing it… It’s my engagement ring!

Love well

To understand my engagement ring, you need to know that the purpose of relationship, in my eyes, is to care for one another… To love one another very well.
This maybe an oversimplification, but I’m going with it (obviously there’s many other benefits such as growth, companionship and a tool for sanctification – But in my mind those are benefits and not the purpose of relationship) 😉

I’ve always thought it strange that women wear rings, an outward sign of commitment, at the moment of engagement but guys don’t until they’re married.
As it turns out: There’s not really any good reason for this one sided signaling to the world you’re taken. Rings have been a part of marriage for a long time, often times in Middle Eastern culture as a sign that the man respects and trusts his wife with his estate and household, a sign to others.
As modern Western culture has evolved into a more consumer driven society, jewelry companies have done a really good job pushing us to buy engagement rings, and spend lots on them, before the wedding. The problem is, it’s just very one sided.

Part of loving Sarah, my ever-bride, really well is telling her heart, my heart, (and the outside world) that I am hers and she is mine, I am taken. So wearing my little silicone wedding band (my dad has been a 9 fingered daddy my whole life…) as my engagement ring is one little step in that effort.

She said yes Nashville

© 2017 Justin Wright

Added bonus: Sarah bought me my ring and proposed to me with it, on one knee and all. Not sure what you call a proposal, after you’ve already proposed yourself? I said YASSS! (me wearing the ring as my engagement ring was 1000% my idea – not influenced by Sarah in the least)

What do you say fellas? How about you ladies? What’s your thoughts?
Should more guys wear engagement rings or am I just cray-cray?

P.S. a HUGE thanks to my dear dear friend Justin Wright for capturing my proposal so well. I love you buddy 🙂

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Wedding flowers | Memorial service flowers…

It’s not often I share photos of details from weddings, despite how amazing they are and how much work goes into them, I just care way more about the connection and relationship!

Well this isn’t really about the photo, it’s a story about how awesome Swati + Prabodh are;
My good buddy’s father very unexpectedly passed away and my buddy (who is also a wedding photographer) expressed they were having difficulty getting together with a florist for the memorial service over Labor Day weekend and asked if I had a wedding then and if they might be open to him getting the flowers after… I asked Swati and without hesitation she was excited and said ‘yes, you can get them all!’

Nashville Indian wedding details

We loaded them up and they were beautiful the next day setup for his memorial service. Really blessed the family and took something off their plate to focus on more important details.
Thanks again Swati + Prabodh! Y’all rock my socks off!

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The Hutton Hotel Indian wedding | Swati + Prabodh

Such. A. Fantastic. Time! Celebrating with Swati + Prabodh and all their loved ones as they married in a Indian ceremony and a awesome party at The Hutton Hotel here in Nashville.
I told Swati the next day, I only want to attend Indian weddings from here on, lol – Such a fun time 🙂

Excited to share this sneak peek!

Indian wedding party Nashville

Nashville Indian bride groom portraits

Hutton Hotel reception

To keep up and view their online gallery as I finish up the photos, view it here

“As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was going to happen.” Winnie The Pooh

Photographer: Moi (Micah G Robinson)
Planner: Premier W.E.D
Videographer: Yanay Films
Venue: The Hutton Hotel
Rentals/design: Southern Sky Event Lighting
Flowers: The Enchanted Florist
Cake: Signature Cakes by Vicki
hair/Makeup: Katie Russo Beauty

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