New Promotional Photos

I Just Got Done With A Promotional Photo Shoot With A Local Musician.

More Info And Pictures To Come In The Next Couple Days.

Sorry But I Just Don’t Have Them Ready Yet:)

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New Equipment Review : Invisible Shield.

Zagg Invisible Shield

I just got my Zagg’s InvisibleShield protective cover for my Canon 5D Mk II today.

Ordered it on the 28th so it took 9 days over the 4th weekend to get here.

So I guess that’s not too bad.

I got it from Adorama.


Installing the Invisible Shield

Installing wasn’t bad at all.

It comes with two covers; one for the rear 3″ display and one for the 1″ top display.

You have to clean them and spray this stuff that came with it on them (yes I said spray wet stuff on your 5D!)

Put them on and push as many of the air bubbles out as you can.

The rest of the air bubbles will disappear in “2 or 3 days”.

I hope that’s true.


The Invisible Shield On

Not that you can see it:)

It seems tough and like it’ll last I long time.

It carries a lifetime replacement if it ever scratches or anything so for the $15 you can’t beat it.


To see how I use this beautiful camera take a trip over to my Portfolio page 🙂

Brentwood, TN Portrait Photography

Zagg Invisible Shield on Canon 5D Mark II

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Happy Independence Day Everyone!

Hope you have a great time this 4TH!

Stay safe, don’t drive or shoot fireworks if you’ve been enjoying yourself.

Thanks to all who have served/are serving to keep this freedom we celebrate and enjoy!

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July 3rd Fun

It’s late and I’m plotting my day tomorrow.

Going to film a short of my bud cutting a tree up in the morning sun.

Should get some descent footage out of it, be able to use my Zacuto Z-Finder more and have some fun.

Can’t think of a better way to spend your Sunday morning then helping out some friends.

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Photo Tip 1

Photo Tip #1

Ever take pictures of a friend or a couple on their wedding day and their eyes don’t look like they have any “life” in them, just look emotionless?

Ever find yourself wishing you had “better” models or you knew how to fix this for future pictures you take?

Nothing can ruin a picture faster. 


Here’s a Photo Tip to try next time you get the camera out

Tell your friend or model to look at the camera but instead of focusing on the lens, have them look “through” the camera to something 50 or 100 foot behind it.

It helps if there is a tree or sign they can see behind you.

This will give life to their eyes and look like they are focused in thought.

Trying this simple trick will improve you pictures for years to come.


Stay tuned for more Photo Tip’s to come

Now go shoot 🙂



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