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Nashville photography Help-Portrait

As most of you know, I’ve had the privilege of being involved in the coordinating of Help-Portrait’s Nashville event for 3 years running now. It’s by far the photographic highlight of my year… and I’ve never once even taken a photo at one 🙂

Help-Portrait is an international movement that happens all on one day (with lots of planning) all around the world and was spurred with the simple idea of; What if, for one day, instead of taking someones photo, we give it to them?
With many opportunities to offer love, respect and relate to others that many of us don’t get the pleasure of interacting with on a daily basis. Funny thing is; Many of us pity the under-privileged and after spending an afternoon loving on them we may just relate to them more than we might think., an organization for using the media to better the world, wrote an article on this years Help-Portrait that I’m honored to have been interviewed for;

The walls between the privileged and the under-privileged start to break down during Help-Portrait events, Robinson said; people who may not otherwise interact with the homeless end up making them feel beautiful, worthy, and cared for.

Read the full story and learn how is using the media for world betterment here

Looking forward to many more years to come and possibly even expanding my involvement a bit 🙂

Nashville photography charity

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What is a papa?

A papa is; A familiar embrace and encouraging word, one who adds worm to your hook while taking you fishing (and is more excited on said fishing trip if you’re catching fish, instead of him), schemer with your parents to trick you into NOT going with them when they leave to go home… only to find you stowing away in their backseat, a papa will always try his darndest to give you something when you visit – a boat more than once – A papa has a endless well of Godly wisdom and shares it in bits, never all at once… but he does so freely. Anyone can be a papa, but very exist.

I said ‘see you in a bit’ to my papa George yesterday. I would not be the person I am today if I had not had him in my life.
Here’s the best I can put it, posted on my FaceBook yesterday;

A papa

I can’t say how very blessed I am to have known my papa both as a child and as an adult – I’d have missed so very much if I only had one or the other.

My papa encouraged me in my photography oh so many years ago and was one of my first models. It’s been years since I photographed him but when I heard of his passing I immediately went to my 35mm Kodachrome archives to see what I had of him… We liked to fish 🙂

tennessee photographer

I’m so glad I have these and oh so many memories to boot. Document the relationships you cherish, freeze time & memories to go back to again and again.

Papa leaves behind a granny that may have taught me more about unconditional love than any other human (in a race with momma), a slew of children, grandkids, great grandkids, great-great grandkids, a Godly legacy & good name. Nothing better could be said of someone. He loved

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Muddy senior photography

Sometimes it rains and sometimes it pours… Either way our donated senior portraits were going to happen. It’s truly a privilege to honor these great students that have gone the distance and are the class of 2013! Their situations different, the outcome the same; Their parents didn’t have the extra income to buy senior portraits for their kids they love so much. We decided we could do something about that 🙂

Tara Spradley was the leader of this little outreach (you did a great job girl!). I met Tara first as a volunteer to the Help-Portrait Nashville event I helped lead in 2011. Tara’s gone on to plan her own HP event and rocked it’s socks off!

Here’s a few of the portraits I took, Heather & Amber are great young ladies that I’m sure will make many ripples in the theater of life.

Nashville senior portraits.

It’s one of the greatest joys I have to bless others with my photography. I’m thankful every time I get the chance to.

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How we see us and they see us

By now I’m sure you’ve seen the Dove Real Beauty Sketches video roaming around Facebook (linkedin, that’s still hip right? 🙂 ) It’s a phenomenal study on how we see ourselves and how others might see us differently.
If you’ve been hopped up of caffeine & buried in studies, perhaps you’ve somehow missed it. I would encourage you that it’s worth a couple minutes of your time.

It’s shocking how critical we can be on ourselves, sometimes not even realizing it because we’ve lived this way for so long.
We owe it to our own well being to love ourselves. We’re pretty awesome as it turns out!

Now few people know this about me but…

I’ve been a member of Dove True Beauty since it began oh so many years ago. I can still remember receiving the welcome packet that contained a simple little 1.15min film about how the media impacts our perception of ourselves and others. All thanks to a pursuit for a ‘beauty’ that’s not even real. Here’s that little film

I’ve had the distinct honor of showing this film to thousands of teenage girls & boys in public schools. Our speaker would then talk on self image (hey Sarah!) and loving & forgiving yourself. It’s an important message and kids need it, hell adults need it!
I’ve seen hundreds of students, tears flowing down their faces, come flooding the gym floors to thank us and for counseling. I’ve seen much the same from teachers as well.

All this to say, the world needs you to love yourself. We need you to forgive yourself & forgive those around you. We’ve got a very short time on this earth and lots to get done 🙂
Hope you have a fan-tastic day!

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Getting over self image

I sit in front of my computer on this cold-snowy day & think of all those driving on the ice outside. Have they taken the time to document their memories with those they love or would there only be a distant memory left if they were to slide on the ice and the worst happened?

With this everyday reality in mind; I decided to make a family portrait happen while we were all together over Christmas. I know very well that ‘tomorrow is not a promise, but a chance.’ We have to life live today.

Here’s my big, fun dysfunctional-functioning family 🙂


Christmas family photos

A very good ready about the importance of getting over self image and living life. Because when we really get down to it, it’s just that “Self image”. We always seem to be 10x harder on ourselves than those around us.

So here is the harsh truth y’all. Listen good. Our vanity is no longer enough of a reason to avoid the camera. Life doesn’t wait until you “get thin” enough to capture it. Life is happening . . . it is happening right now and the only moment we are guaranteed is the one we are living. – Read the rest


Enjoy your day and live life 🙂

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